jeudi 26 août 2010

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2009

Steven Meisel co-opted the Twitter phenomenon for the last Vogue Italia issue of the decade — December 2009 — and rechristened Twitpic "Meiselpic" for his purposes. Inside the issue he wrote to his 20 model "followers" under a blurred portrait of himself — surprising, as the photographer is reclusive and does not like to be photographed himself —"Feeling a touch swine flu . . . so not coming to work today. I'm sending you some clothes . . . wear what you like, Meiselpic it back to me. xxSteven." What comes next — and is featured on the cover — are twenty pages of model self-portraits in the style of Twitpic. Lara Stone took the below picture of herself and "Twittered" underneath: "I love my new boobs. Werk!!" A pregnant Gisele snaps herself in lingerie, covering up her bump, and "Tweets": "Privacy is beautiful!" And Freja Beha Erichsen, who's not known to be a Meisel favorite, makes a surprise appearance, as well.

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  1. me lo ricordo! è stato favoloso questo servizio! bella Aggy come sempre, che però non hai postato, ma son belle tutte.. chissà dove l'ho messo :)